• SAF deploys a team of field agents who live in the grower communities, coaching and training farmers in best practices to improve productivity and ensure quality.

  • We introduce equipment and supply seeds or other inputs when it’s helpful.

  • We agree in advance on pricing and specifications.

  • We pay, equitably, when the farmers need it.

  • We store the harvest using controlled conditions under our management.

  • We work with NGO’s to supply technical assistance when it’s helpful.

  • We plan to scale our supplier network to over 100,000 farmers.

Food Safety

Our customers require compliance with Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards. That’s why we designed our facility from the ground up to pass third party food safety audits, and equipped it with state of the art technology to control variables like heat and moisture. It’s also why we ensure that our supervisory staff has experience addressing the needs of global companies.


SAF deploys a kill step with a documented 5-log reduction in microbiological activity, and the facility is set up to control cross-contamination. That means our fonio flour is safe to eat without cooking


We know that food manufacturers rely on their suppliers to implement policies to assure segregation of allergens, and to document that implementation. SAF’s QA team deploys HACCP and HARPC tools to ensure that food manufacturers can rely on our products to keep their customers safe, and to satisfy internal and external regulators around the world.  


Our line capacity is 2 tons per hour.


We can run 24/7, and we built for expansion.


Our equipped capacity is around 16,000 tons per year, and we can double that by adding


SAF was established to generate impact at scale. One reason why traditional local grains are not more widely consumed is that manually processing means poor quality and high cost. When we set out to turn subsistence crops into commercial crops, we knew that processing at scale was the key to transformation.

Precision Processing

  • Uniquely, SAF removes fonio husks while leaving the bran and germ intact. There is no other source in the world that can offer truly whole grain fonio.
  • This advantage is not magic. It is due to SAF’s equipment, which deploys a different operating principle from equipment used by any other fonio processor.
  • SAF cleanly removes husks cleanly, then removes bran and germ cleanly, without the high degree of waste encountered by other processors attempting to separate fonio grains into their physical fractions.
  • This allows SAF to offer a fonio product selection that is unequalled anywhere – at least until someone else installs the same kind of equipment. 


As an impact-driven organization that supplies conscientious companies, it is important to us that we can trace everything, from product to results. We use traceability software so we can quantify :